Secrets of Water Fitness

Everyone loves to swim, because the water will not only bring us cool in the heat, it also relieves stress and is great, treats various chronic diseases, such as low back pain, but when it comes to fitness classes, most people opt for the gym, but not the pool.

It’s no secret that most of us are beginning to fitness clubs, not because he loved to swing for hours at the gym or hop on aerobics. Typically, we start to play sports because of the figure: the desire to lose weight – that’s our real incentive, everyone else is just excuses or sayings.

And most of the stories of the miraculous deliverance of extra pounds come to us not from the pool, and of trenazherki – that’s why, when it comes to fitness, we put aside his desire to swim in the hope that the shells and gymnastics as a result will be more effective.

If you come to the pool – swim!


Floating in the pool one meter swimmer loses exactly one kilocalorie, and hence, breaking swim in just one kilometer can be lost in this huge amount of calories – a thousand.

Swim a mile in a single session is not too difficult for even beginners are capable, able to just float. However, those who visit the pool, making it at best half.

And people honestly think that they actively swim and swim a lot, but in fact, if we assume begin to count how many people in one class sailed, it appears that, at best, five meters, or even less than that, the rest of the rest. And this is – wrong.

Be Active


This means that we must constantly swim in different styles and with noticeable force your heart rate increased one and a half or two times. A self-control and maintain the proper level of training intensity, a simple calculation of how much you have floated and over what period of time.

Yes, at first it seems to be quite tedious, time to consider all of swim pools, but every workout and do not need, you can count two or three classes, find out for how long and at what rate you swam your desired kilometer, and then just float it time, without stopping or slowing.

With experience, you will swim faster, so after a couple of months after the start of the course useful to have another such “froze” – to make sure that everything is as it should.

Make sure to follow the diet

Again surprising: after all, everyone knows that some classes at the gym is not enough to lose weight, and even necessarily need a diet, but when it comes to the pool, forget about it for some reason. And for good reason!

First, do not forget to drink water. During the voyage the body just loses fluid as in the classroom in any other sport, but swimming perfectly masks the feeling of thirst, which then manifests itself in the form of a false sense of hunger. So a glass of water before a workout and after a glass of water you need to drink is mandatory.

Second, the food after a workout should be no calorie, but plentiful, because the feeling of hunger after swimming is very strong. Fresh or steamed vegetables and boiled meat – the best option.