Eat More to Burn More – Eat Without Fear Of Getting Weight

Many people think that the reason why they weigh a lot is because they eat too much, three times of meals plus some snacks. While actually, no matter what food you consume, as long as it is nutritious, you will have no weight problems. The worst thing is that when you feel like overweight, you do a terrible diet to have weight loss for instance by limiting the amount of meals you take in an extreme way. Well, for you to know, losing weight is done to make you healthier, not just thinner. In addition, if you search for how to lose weight, there are many ways like eating more.


Oh no, eating more will make me weigh more! It depends on what you eat actually. As long as you pay attention to the nutrition contained in the food, it is totally fine to eat a lot. Eat more to burn fat more. Now the question is, what kinds of food you can eat to get your weight down? Check these out, who knows some of them are your favorite:



If your friends say that nuts can make you fat, do not trust them right away as if you eat the right kind, you can lose your weight. Almonds is one type of nuts that is able to burn your fat so you can reduce your weight. Research shows that when you combined your calorie-restricted diet with almond consumption, your weight goes down faster than you eat snacks with carbs and safflower oil. Of course this super food does not make you full, yet it is perfect for your morning or afternoon snack.

Brown rice


I have no problem with snacks, but I cannot live without rice. Well, sadly rice provides you with a great amount of carb that can make you gain weight if you do not have enough exercise. However, you are lucky that you can still eat rice in your daily menu: brown rice. This kind of rice is healthier and have more fiber than the white rice, thus this is very good to boost your metabolism and burn fat. In addition, brown rice is a low-energy-density food which makes you full but low calorie. Try to eat it with another nutritious food like salmon to keep you healthy. Don’t you think it is great for your diet?



You want to eat something heavy, yet rice is not your favorite. Why not trying oats? Oats are rich in fiber that can boost your metabolism as well as making you feel full longer. Although there are oat products with additional sweetener, it is better for you to pick the plain one and get the sweet taste from fruits like bananas and blueberries. They are a good combination for your breakfast.