Which is Better: Medifast or Nutrisystem?

Innumerable diet plans are evolving around the world for the effort of weight loss programs. While some fail to do, some are found effective on the users. While some people get success in their weight loss mission with the help of their personal trainers and replacing unhealthy foods with more lean proteins and vegetables, some need a little more assistance with the organized portion-controlled meals.

Among different weight loss programs, Medifast and Nutrisystem have been around for quite a long time. A huge number of people in the United States have been benefited with these diet plans over decades. Now, when it comes to choosing one program (as you cannot follow the both), you need to determine which is better: Medifast or Nutrisystem?


About the Medifast Diet

The Medifast Diet was developed by Dr. William Vitale in 1980 for facilitating thousands of his patients for the weight loss program. At present, more than 20,000 doctors recommend Medifast for the obese and overweight patients in the country. Earlier it was recommended to follow the original diet under the supervision of the doctor; however, it is now taken at home as mass use.

The Medifast diet contains protein shakes, soups, bars and other side dishes that you can combine with your desired meal. In this menu of Medifast, more than 70 meal options are available to meet different dietary needs and unique palate. From low glycemic, kosher, vegetarian and lactose options are included for the Medifast diet program.

If you follow the Medifast 5 & 1 plan, you are allowed to take 5 prepared meals from Medifast with one ‘lean and green meal’ prepared by you. The meal plans it organize enough to keep your metabolism high enough and avoid hunger.

About the Nutrisystem Diet

Developed by Harold Katz, the Nutrisystem Diet has facilitated millions of people to lose weight through its well-prepared portion-controlled meals. In fact, Nutrisystem is one of the pioneering companies to offer such meal delivery services. From frozen to pantry-ready meals, Nutrisystem provides more than 150 menu options.

You can customize the meal based on your metabolic requirements. In addition, you can get an option to choose from vegetarian and diabetic-friendly menus. You can read TheDietDynamo’s full Nutrisystem guide to learn more about what they offer, but they have a full line of excellent products, that I’m sure you’ll be impressed with.

The Comparison Guide – Medifast and Nutrisystem

Both Medifast and Nutrisystem bear several resemblances including meal delivery systems, customization options, a number of meals per day, average daily calorie intake, and much more options. However, for Nutrisystem, you will find more meal options (more than 150) while Medifast offers more than 70 options. Both these plans are expensive enough where you need to spend between $300 and $400 each month.

However, if you have any special dietary need or are facing any health risk due to your overweight, you are recommended to take Medifast under the supervision of the doctor. In the discussion on which is better: Medifast or Nutrisystem, you may also consider the matter of delivering everything at your doorstep by Medifast while for Nutrisystem, you need to visit the grocery store to purchase fruits, fresh vegetables, and fish. Now the choice is yours!